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11th European Feminist Research Conference – Frequently Asked Questions

AtGender Membership 

How do I become an AtGender member?

You can apply for membership here. Membership entails many benefits, including reduced rates at this conference. Depending on your employment status, you can apply for the reduced individual membership. 

How long does my AtGender membership last?

Regardless of the month you pay, your membership will last twelve months. 

If my institution is a member, shall I become a member?

We encourage all participants to become members if they have the opportunity. But please also note that institutional members are offered reduced fees for three people of their choice. 

Conference Fees 

Please note that the AtGender membership and conference fees are two different payments. The fees cover only the conference costs (organization, keynotes, catering).  

How can I apply for the reduced fees? 

AtGender members are eligible for reduced fees in all categories. To access reduced fees, you must become a member of AtGender and then pay the conference fee that corresponds to your status. 

Do I qualify for the “precarious scholar” fee or the “student” fee?

If you have a temporary employment contract, you are considered a precarious scholar. 

If you are a funded PhD student, you are also considered a precarious scholar. If you are not funded, you are eligible to pay the student fee (and apply for a reduced individual membership at AtGender). 

If you do not have any income, you are eligible for the student fee (in which case you can also apply to become an AtGender member paying as a student here).  

I have difficulties in paying conference fees, travel and accommodation expenses. What can I do?

AtGender will offer a limited number of travel grants (to be announced at a later stage). We are also trying to create a solidarity fund. Please email and explaining your situation if you are encountering financial hardships.

How can I apply for travel grants?

The process to apply for travel grants will be announced soon. Please note that you must become an AtGender member to apply for the travel grants. 

How can I apply for the solidarity fund?

We kindly ask you to wait for announcements about solidarity funds. We will let you know once there are updates on this. 

Can I present two or more papers?

You can present up to two papers. 

Can I do my presentation online?

If your situation will not allow you to travel, please send an email to your strand and to explaining it. We only have very limited spots for online presentations.

If my presentation is online, do I need to pay a fee? 

All participants have to pay the conference fees.

Can I attend the conference without presenting?

Considering the Covid emergency and the space limitations, the possibility of attendance only (no presentation) will be announced on 16 May.


How can I pay my registration fee for the conference? 

You have several options: 

1.We recommend paying via PayPal. Please log in to your account and follow these steps: 

  • Go to “Send and request”.
  • Click Pay for goods or services.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address ( and click Next.
  • Enter the amount you will send, select the currency, and add a message to your recipient (your name and type of fee).
  • PayPal will probably ask for your address. Please fill it in and click Continue.
  • Review your payment information and click Send Payments Now.
  • PayPal will notify us about your payment.

2. If it is not possible to use PayPal, participants can make a bank transfer to AtGender. The bank is Triodos Bank, IBAN: NL52 TRIO 0391 0805 98 BIC: TRIONL2U. Please include ‘EFRC Conference Fee’ in the description field.

3. If your bank demands costly transfer fees, you can pay via TransferWise or a similar transfer method. If you need to pay this way, please contact us at for more details.

I need an invoice, how can I get one?

Please email us at

What happens if I have to cancel? Can I get my fees returned?

You can get reimbursed if you cancel your participation before 30 March 2022. Please contact your strand in case you test covid positive a week or less before the conference starts.

Papers and oral presentations

Do we have to submit a full paper of my presentation? 

You will not be required to upload or submit your paper in advance. Your oral presentation constitutes your participation.

Will I be provided with a participation certificate? 

You will be given a certificate upon request. Please contact us at or come to the conference desk if you need one.

In case you have any additional questions, please email us at