"Teaching with Gender" Book Series

Volume 2: Teaching Gender, Diversity and Urban Space.

volThis is a collective volume presenting a theoretical framework and diverse educational tools that can be used to incorporate gender and sexuality into
Spatial Disciplines and the concepts of space and urbanity into Women’s and Gender Studies. The book was conceived in recognition of the fact that the concepts of space, place and urbanity have a rather minor presence within European Women’s and Gender Studies. Likewise, the concepts of gender and sexuality(ies) are poorly covered within the “spatial” disciplines and university departments. This “double” absence is the raison d’être of this volume and underlies our proposals for developing effective educational and teaching tools in this field.

The study of multilayered, complex and contradictory situations in contemporary European cities, where gender/sexuality intersects with other axes of difference and power, is crucial to the development of a multicultural teaching ethos and will facilitate students’ understanding of these contemporary issues both inside and outside the classroom.

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