"Teaching with Gender" Book Series

Volume 4: Teaching Subjectivity

volThis collection of essays moves from a nodal point that regards the process of constructing women’s “nomadic” identities as informed by the notions of geographical and cultural dislocation, transcultural hibridity, history, loss, memory, contamination and their effect in the subject’s perception of the Real. Within this frame of thought, writing the experience of the ontological “travelling” and “dislocation” is also understood as political narrative and as one of the essential tools for promoting critical knowledge and feminist pedagogy.

The teaching of autobiographical narratives becomes crucial either as a starting point of investigation or a field force of analysis. The book reveals that political meaning and identity-construction are extremely important to understand how the Self moves from the inner sphere to the public one, searching for recognition and autonomy while developing
the awareness of interdependence and vulnerability.

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