"Teaching with Gender" Book Series

Volume 5: Teaching with the Third Wave

vol“Teaching with the Third Wave – New Feminists’ Explorations of Teaching and Institutional Contexts” is a collection of the work of young feminist scholars united in their interest in a Third Wave perspective of teaching which continues feminists’ struggles for equality and female empowerment. The volume presents reflections on the transfer of feminist knowledge inside and outside university structures under current conditions by respecting the work of earlier generations of feminists.

Being part of the European feminist network ATHENA, the contributors map a cartography of emerging questions in regards to teaching methodologies, teaching experiences and challenges for teaching under increasingly globalized and neoliberal circumstances as well as neo-conservative and right-wing tendencies from the perspective of different Western locations, theoretical backgrounds, political and personal situatednesses. Thus, the volume is of interest for all (feminist) readers who are involved in furthering feminist teaching in present conditions.

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