"Teaching with Gender" Book Series

Volume 7: Teaching Empires

vol8What is the relationship between gender and empire? How will a focus on gender generate new knowledge about histories of empire? The aim of Teaching Empires is to critically examine questions about imperial effort, as remembered, displayed, denied, mythologized or obscured in various European contexts. The book draws upon the research and teaching of scholars from across Europe and is suited to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching settings. The authors show how to use art, film, novels, diaries, personal memories, textiles, household materials, museum artefacts and photographs in a range of imaginative and analytical articles, exercises and teaching assignments.

There is an extensive bibliography and insightful discussion about how empire is defined in various countries. Teaching Empires is an important resource for teachers and students of gender studies who are interested in identifying new teaching approaches, fresh sources and generating new knowledge about complex territories of gender and empire.

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