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ATGENDER books at the Doetank PEER workshop “How to be a feminist (m/v/x)?”

We are happy to hear that participants in the Doetank PEER workshop How to be a feminist (m/v/x)?, held in Utrecht (NL) on September 30, made good use of three of our Teaching with Gender volumes! Here’s the message from Lauren, one of the organizers of the event:

At the event ‘Hoe ben ik een feminist (m/v/x)?’ (How to be a feminist (m/v/x)?’) of Doetank PEER, the organisation for no-nonsense happy activism and feminist magazine LOVER, we used three of the Teaching with Gender books. The task, especially meant for teachers and trainers, was to bring home a book of your liking, read it and use an insight or tool from it in your next class or workshop. They could choose these tasks from different taskcards lying on a table. And everyone had to do something! 🙂 People with a teaching background can use these books for teaching more gender-sensitively, for using the feminist lens when they are talking about topics like race, for trying to understand men and women living in this (post-)third wave feminist age, and for discussing inequality and equality in general.

Looking forward to further cooperation!