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AtGender – Mentoring Groups 2022-23 – Feminist Academic Working Life Questions

This year, AtGender will once again offer group-mentoring to its members via Zoom! This project is called “Time-pocket –  feminist academic working life questions”.  It’s time to apply now!

If you are an Early Career Researcher (ECR) or a Middle Career Researcher (MCR) in gender studies, a feminist teacher, working in multidisciplinary field of feminist studies or doing activism – you can join our collective mentoring groups and get feminist support once a month!

There will be 3 groups of  8-10 participants, facilitated by Berteke Waaldijk, Aino-Maija Elonheimo, Maryna Shevtsova, Natasha Webster, Päivi Iikkanen and Maria do Mar Pereira.  Each group will work from November 2022 to May 2023, meeting monthly for 90 minute sessions.  Participating in a mentoring group consists of about 15-17 hours of work (6-7 x 1.5 h), potentially a joint webinar (with all groups together)  at the end of spring 2023 and some easy and nice homework tasks during the process.

Themes for the mentoring sessions will be chosen by each mentoring group, but may include topics such as:

  • Gender, feminism, intersections
  • Transnational, multisituated, nomad ways of working in academia 
  • Combining Life and Work  (family, free-time) 
  • Self-care and encounters with others 
  • Learning from  other’s experiences,  being able to help others 
  • Sharing knowledge, experiences and good practices 
  • Our uncertain and complex life, precarious situations in academia 
  • Dealing with hostile, antifeminist time and societies (sometimes inside universities) 
  • Vulnerabilities, isolation, lack of communities and communication 
  • Creating and keeping confidential, feminist and safe community.  

Feedback from last year’s participants was highly positive and enthusiastic.

Applications for this mentoring scheme are open to AtGender members from 26/09/2022 to 15/10/202. You can apply by filling in this form:

Groups are available for both ECR and MCR Groups.  Groups will decide their timetable and themes with their mentors and work in Zoom/Teams, meeting monthly from November 2022 to April/May 2023.

This mentoring supports feminist wellbeing and helps us strengthen the European AtGender community in these times of uncertainties and vulnerabilities.  

Join us! Warmly welcome!

With best wishes,