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Call for Candidacy: New ATGENDER Board Members

We are looking for 3 new enthusiastic board members to join our board from September 2023. Board members serve for a three-year term (which can be extended for one additional term if re-elected). Each member of the Board serves in several working groups that are responsible for particular tasks, such as finance, ‘Teaching with Gender’ book series, communication, external relations, etc. All candidates should be able to devote time to regular organisational matters that further the ATGENDER mission and should be able to attend board meetings (approximately every 4-6 weeks).

Are you a member of ATGENDER and willing to contribute to fulfilling the mission of the organisation serving on the Board? If so, please send a short motivation letter (2500 characters max.) and a short CV to info@atgender.euThe deadline to submit candidacy materials is 10 August 2023. All candidates must be current members of ATGENDER.

You can find more details about the role of board members and the nomination procedure both in our statutes and in the bylaws of ATGENDER. If you have any questions about what is expected from Members of the Board and/or need further clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact the ATGENDER office (

Elections of new board members will take place during the Spring Conference in Kadir Has University, Istanbul at the ATGENDER General Assembly.

On the behalf of ATGENDER
The Election Committee