"Teaching with Gender" Book Series

Volume 15: Feminist Perspectives on Teaching Masculinities: Learning Beyond Stereotypes

The newest book in our Teaching with Gender book series looks at teaching non-hegemonic forms of masculinities and highlights their diversity. The collection foregrounds and discusses concepts which are described and gathered as positive, caring and inclusive masculinities, thus offering a timely and much-needed counterpoint to discussions of so-called toxic masculinities.

The volume presents a wide range of theoretical reflections, case studies, and teaching resources for lecturers in higher education and practitioners in the fields of gender studies, pedagogy, and education. Its heterogeneity is based on an interdisciplinary approach, methodological variety, cross-cultural spectrum, and empirical richness, reflected in various contributions from Europe, Africa, US and Asia.

The editors are Sveva Magaraggia, lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Milano-Bicocca; Gerlinde Mauerer, lecturer at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Applied Sciences, Campus Vienna, and Marianne Schmidbaur, scientific manager of the Cornelia Goethe Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

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