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Fundraising from ATGENDER for the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Dear ATGENDER friends,

Turkey and Syria are affected by two earthquakes that occurred on the 6th and 7th of February 2023. While earthquakes are conceived as natural disasters, they are also significantly gendered and political (through factors, including corruption, classed urbanisation, the lack of coordination of humanitarian relief, the lack of support for women and LGBTQ+ people, or inadequate policies on asylum, migration and racial/ethnic marginalisation). At this difficult time that has impacted millions of lives across Turkey and Syria, it is particularly crucial to foster transnational feminist solidarity and material assistance. If you would like to support local feminist and/or first-response organisations currently working in the affected areas, Atgender will distribute your donations to these locally endorsed initiatives.


Donations to be sent:

Afet İçin Feminist Dayanışma Grubu (Feminist Solidarity for Disaster Relief) in Turkey

Heyva Sor (Red Crescent in Kurdistan)

Lubunya Deprem Dayanışması (Lubunya Solidarity for Earthquake)

Molham Team

White Helmets in Syria


Please send your donations to AtGender account:

IBAN: NL52 TRIO 0391 0805 98



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