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New Atgender Edited Volume is Out

AtGender is happy to announce the publication today of the last AtGender edited volume, Homonationalism, Femonationalism, Ablenationalism. Critical Pedagogies Contextualised, edited by Angeliki Sifaki, C.L. Quinan and Katarina Loncarevic in the AtGender series “Teaching with Gender” at Routledge.

This edited volume engages with a range of geographical, political and cultural contexts to intervene in ongoing scholarly discussions on the intersection of nationalism with gender, sexuality and race. Here is the table of content:

Table of Contents


Wither Homonationalism?

Jasbir K. Puar

Disability Disruptions of Ablenationalism and the Promise of the Janus-faced Nation

David T. Mitchell and Sharon L. Snyder

When Homonationalism Meets Femonationalism Meets Ablenationalism: Contextualised Interventions in Feminist Teaching

Angeliki Sifaki, C.L. Quinan and Katarina Lončarević


1. Homonationalism as Site of Contestation and Transformation: On Queer Subjectivities and Homotransnationalism across Sinophone Societies

Wen Liu and Charlie Yi Zhang

2. Through a Decolonial Lens: Homonationalism in South Africa and the Cape Town Gay Pride Parade

Phoebe Kisubi Mbasalaki

3. Re-thinking Articulations of Nation and Gender through Asylum Policies: Discourses and Representations of Women Seeking Asylum in Spain

Diana P. Garcés Amaya


4. Exploring Femonationalist Convergences: The French Case of the Muslim Face-veil Ban

Charlène Calderaro

5. Teaching against Femonationalism: The Case of the Ban on Female Genital Mutilation in the United States and Switzerland

Dina Bader


6. Lovingly Constructed Media Nation-States: The Triple Cripples Continue the Legacy of Black Women

The Triple Cripples

7. Crippling (Homo)nationalism: Disability Rights and the Allure of the Neoliberal Nation-state

Gemma Laws and Edward Drew

8. Teaching the Non-Compliant: Ablenationalism and the Chronically Ill Student in the  Neoliberal Academe

Marcia Allison


9. Affect and Critical Pedagogies: How to Teach against Homo/Nationalism in the Midst of Current Nationalist Sentiment in Catalonia

Miranda Imperial

10. Decolonising Gender and Nationalism through Critical Pedagogies: A Case Study from Mexico

Emanuela Buscemi

11. Discomforting Pedagogies: The Politics of Teaching Sexual Diversity Education

Dana Theewis and Koen Rutten