"Teaching with Gender" Book Series

Volume 9: Teaching “Race” with a Gendered Edge



Teaching “Race” with a Gendered Edge responds to the need to approach the idea of race from a feminist perspective. This collection of essays aims to broaden our understanding of both race and gender by highlighting the intersections and intertwinedness of race, gender, and other axes of inequality. The book also points to the importance of taking colonial legacies into account when it comes to the understanding of contemporary forms of racisms. In an increasingly globalised and interconnected world this perspective is essential for understanding the dynamics of identity politics but also for pointing towards possible ways of intervention and change.

The essays in the book discuss historically contextualised examples of the intersections of race and gender from different localities in Europe and beyond and provide readers with a rich body of resources and teaching material.

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The volume is produced in cooperation with the Central European University Press.

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