ATGENDER Working Groups

The aim of this first academic conference of the European Association for Gender, Research, Education and Documentation ATGENDER was to establish cooperation between ATGENDER members: to create structures, make plans for applications and prepare for publications and for the 8th European Feminist Research Conference (Budapest, May 16-20, 2012; see:

The workshop-themes were selected at a previous meeting (Brussels, November 2010) of ATGENDER members and former ATHENA working group coordinators who expressed an interest in becoming active in ATGENDER. Some of the themes have a long tradition within ATHENA, others are new. Before the list was finalized, all ATGENDER members and all former ATHENA partners have been invited to propose themes & topics.

As a result, the most important outcome of the Spring Conference 2011 was the establishment of “ATGENDER Working Groups” creating a web of connections between many scholars and students from Europe, who joined their forces in productive brainstorming over that eventful weekend in April in Utrecht. Below you will find reports from each of the groups explaining their focus and goals for the future. We want each group to have its own space thanks to which their work will be more visible and where you will be able to find specific idividuals you might want to contact.


Working Group 1: Gender equality in Europe: research, politics and training

Working Group 2: Postcolonial Europe: Transcultural and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Working Group 3: Information and dissemination: infrastructures and networks in Europe and beyond

Working Group 4: Travelling concepts: space, women, migration

Working Group 5: Gender and new technologies: teaching the body, health, ICT and visual culture

Working Group 6: Generations and gender: connecting activism and gender studies

Working Group 7: Gender and Public History: stories of the self, constructions of the nation

Working Group 8: Gender, care & social welfare: work, migration, women & children

Working Group 9: Teaching gender studies: impact/dissemination Tuning Gender Studies and Teaching with Gender Series

Working Group 10: The European Material Feminisms

If you would like to join any of the groups please send a request to
Please, Include the Working Group number in the subject area + “REQUEST”