AtGender Spring Conference 2016 panels & workshops

List of panels and workshops

> Activisms inside/outside the classrooms
Coordinated by: Luana Antero de Melo, Andrea Turiso Sanz, Nienke Hart

> Feminist fairy tales
Coordinated by: Lema Salah, Aurora Perego, Clara Casagrande

The (im)possibility of safe(r) spaces
Coordinated by: Svenja Engels, Nienke Hart

Organizing against the war on “gender ideology”
Coordinated by: Adriano José Habed, Elisa Fiore

Teaching postcolonial Europe from feminist and queer perspectives
Coordinated by: Sandra Ponzanesi, Gianmaria Colpani

New feminist materialisms with/in education (panel + roundtable)
Coordinated by: Aideen O’Shaugnessy, Elisa Fiore

> Sharing gender knowledge between secondary and higher education
Coordinated by: Marjan van Dijk

The body of migrant women in Europe
Coordinated by: Osen Figan Tuncer

Learning/teaching – about/with – invisible illnesses
Coordinated by: Nienke Hart

> Crossing Boundaries Creating Spaces; Teaching Gender in Europe
Coordinated by: Berteke Waaldijk

> Queering the classroom (roundtable)
Coordinated by: Christine Quinan