Group-mentoring Initiative

Welcome to the New AtGender Group-mentoring Initiative!

“Time-pockets” – Feminist work-life questions

Team-leaders: Aino-Maija Elonheimo & Berteke Waaldijk

 As remote or hybrid work and distance-learning has become the new normal in our academic life, we are confronted with new challenges in balancing life, organizing daily routines, and finding a good rhythm for work and free time. Many people feel lonely and isolated, while others have too much to do in combining family duties and career. Many also suffer from uncertain and precarious positions and feel fragile in the academic context. 

While mentoring is often understood as an intergenerational relationship practiced in peers, this AtGender group-mentoring initiative broadens this concept to establish groups of 7-9 individuals who support and learn from each other’s experiences. Early career researchers and teachers are most welcome! 

We, Berteke and Aino-Maija, will guide AtGender’s first group-mentoring session. This initiative is open to AtGender members working in any field of gender studies. The group will meet via Teams six to seven times during the academic year, starting in October 2021. The first sessions will be held on Wednesday 13.10 at 11-12:30, Wednesday 17.11 at 11-12:30 and Wednesday 15.12 at 11-12:30. 

We hope to create a permanent structure of mentoring and collegial support within the AtGender network. We will also share some of these experiences at the next European Feminist Research Conference (EFRC) in Milan, Italy (June 2022). 

The application form can be found here: Please make sure to apply before 30.9.2021. Participants will be informed by the beginning of week 40. 

You are warmly welcome to join, and we are excited to work together on this!