The 2024 ATGENDER conference aims to explore the theme of Gender Studies and the Precarious Labour of Making a Difference: (Un)paid Jobs, Internships, and Volunteering in the Worlds of Activism, Profit, and Non-profit. Our conference provides a platform for scholars, researchers, and activists to share their insights and knowledge,and engage in meaningful discussions on issues…

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Networking Meeting

This is a meeting at the research center’s building garden, an open air gathering with finger food and drinks sponsored by GenderEX project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952432.

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Mahallemiz Eşrafından*

A journey of growth and discovery. A child growing up in an island where Greeks and Turks live together; a child who needs to be heard in his neighborhood, at home, at school. One day during Easter, there is a knock on the door of their house. They open it only to be hit in…

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Group-mentoring Initiative

Welcome to the New AtGender Group-mentoring Initiative! “Time-pockets” – Feminist work-life questions Team-leaders: Aino-Maija Elonheimo & Berteke Waaldijk  As remote or hybrid work and distance-learning has become the new normal in our academic life, we are confronted with new challenges in balancing life, organizing daily routines, and finding a good rhythm for work and free time. Many…

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NOISE Summer School

The NOISE Summer School is an advanced training course, which offers a diversified, but coherent programme of study from an interdisciplinary perspective. It is meant for advanced MA students and PhD students and provides special and separate tuition seminars to these two groups. Two lectures in the morning Separate MA- and PhD-specific seminars in the…

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9th European Feminist Research Conference

Reflecting the diversity of women’s and gender studies European Feminist Research Conferences represent cutting-edge scholarship. The 9th European Feminist Research Conference is organized by the University of Lapland. During the conference of several days, professionals and scholars in gender, feminist and various research fields will have an opportunity to connect to their peers, present their…

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