Editorial Board

  Barbara Bagilhole Gunilla Bjeren Rosi Braidotti Anna Cabó Sara Goodman Daniela Gronold Aino-Maija Hiltunen Nina Lykke Linda Lund Pedersen Elzbieta H. Oleksy Anastasia-Sasa Lada Susanna Pavlou Kirsi Saarikangas Adelina…

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Series Editors

    Dr. Nadezhda Aleksandrova is an assistant professor at the Department of Bulgarian Literature, Faculty of Slavic Studies at the Sofia University. She teaches courses at bachelor and master…

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ATGENDER Working Groups

The aim of this first academic conference of the European Association for Gender, Research, Education and Documentation ATGENDER was to establish cooperation between ATGENDER members: to create structures, make plans…

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Teaching With Gender – series

How to deal with gender, women, gender roles, feminism and gender equality in teaching practices? The ATHENA thematic network and ATGENDER bring together specialists in women’s and gender studies, feminist…

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