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Volume 12: Teaching With Feminist Materialisms

  As a growing and wide-spanning field of research, teaching, and collaboration, feminist materialisms are taking up increasing space in our pedagogical settings, especially in queer and feminist classrooms. Whether as a theoretical topic, as a methodological strategy for conducting research, or in developing learning tools, feminist materialisms work to foreground the complex forms of…

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Volume 11: Teaching against Violence

    Many international organizations denounce that the systematic lockout of women from social and political power is responsible for the phenomenon of double/multiple discrimination, so that in every social category, the status of women is always the lowest. This severe injustice is at the core of the situation of violence which still remains in the…

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New Board elected

  New board elected at the Spring Conference in Barcelona Congratulations to the new board! Aino-Maija Hiltunen, Coordinator at the University of Helsinki, Finland. (re-elected) Sveva Magaraggia, Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts, University of Rome III, Italy. (re-elected) Soledad Bravo, Policy maker, Barcelona Provincial Government, Francesca Bonnemaison Centre, Barcelona, Spain. Dasa Duhacek, Professor…

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Volume 10: Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives

  Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives: The Power of Information was conceived of as a pedagogical tool, aimed at stimulating gender studies teachers to critically reflect, together with their students, on libraries and archives as profoundly gendered knowledge spaces. Whilst feminist standpoint theory with its recognition that knowledge always emanates from and is produced within…

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European Gender Summit – Policy Manifesto

“What actions should be taken at EU level to further strengthen the role of women in science and innovation?” If you want to read more read the Manifesto here and sign it in order to focus attention on twenty-five years of research demonstrating how gender impacts the quality of research and innovation.

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