“Teaching with Gender” Book Series

The book series ‘Teaching with Gender’ collects articles on a wide range of teaching practices in the field of gender.

Should you want a hard copy of a specific volume, you can buy it directly from Routledge or contact the AtGender office ( From volume 1 to volume 12, you can download the publications for free on our website.

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Volume 6: Teaching Visual Culture in an Interdisciplinary Classroom

Visual literacy is crucial for understanding the role of visual culture as a key factor in processes of globalization, technologization and multiculturalization, which are all part of our historicity. Certainly, the study of the visual is not limited to the study of images, but also of their effects, material practices they entail and creative potential…

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Volume 5: Teaching with the Third Wave

“Teaching with the Third Wave – New Feminists’ Explorations of Teaching and Institutional Contexts” is a collection of the work of young feminist scholars united in their interest in a Third Wave perspective of teaching which continues feminists’ struggles for equality and female empowerment. The volume presents reflections on the transfer of feminist knowledge inside…

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Volume 4: Teaching Subjectivity

This collection of essays moves from a nodal point that regards the process of constructing women’s “nomadic” identities as informed by the notions of geographical and cultural dislocation, transcultural hibridity, history, loss, memory, contamination and their effect in the subject’s perception of the Real. Within this frame of thought, writing the experience of the ontological…

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Volume 2: Teaching Gender, Diversity and Urban Space.

This is a collective volume presenting a theoretical framework and diverse educational tools that can be used to incorporate gender and sexuality into Spatial Disciplines and the concepts of space and urbanity into Women’s and Gender Studies. The book was conceived in recognition of the fact that the concepts of space, place and urbanity have…

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Volume 1: Teaching with Memories

  Teaching with memories discusses the ways in which one can use the assignment to write the life story of a ‘foremother’ as an educational tool. This book includes descriptions of good practice, short articles about the analysis of specific sources, annotated bibliographies and a wealth of examples of assignments and questions that will help…

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