The book series ‘Teaching with Gender’ collects articles on a wide range of teaching practices in the field of gender. Hard copies can be purchased from the ATGENDER office ( or downloaded for free on our website (from volume 1 to volume 12). If you become member of ATGENDER, you can get one copy of your choice for free.

Volume 12: Teaching With Feminist Materialisms

  As a growing and wide-spanning field of research, teaching, and collaboration, feminist materialisms are taking up increasing space in our pedagogical settings, especially in queer and feminist classrooms. Whether…

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Volume 11: Teaching against Violence

    Many international organizations denounce that the systematic lockout of women from social and political power is responsible for the phenomenon of double/multiple discrimination, so that in every social category,…

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Volume 7: Teaching Empires

What is the relationship between gender and empire? How will a focus on gender generate new knowledge about histories of empire? The aim of Teaching Empires is to critically examine…

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Volume 4: Teaching Subjectivity

This collection of essays moves from a nodal point that regards the process of constructing women’s “nomadic” identities as informed by the notions of geographical and cultural dislocation, transcultural hibridity,…

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